Defectivehorn Apostle here, Winter has arrived with a vengeance. at least 2 and 1/2 feet of snow has fallen. The musclehorns are loving it. They are romping with delight in the snow drifts. And the himehorns don't have to clean them up as much too. 1/?

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2/? Other than that, I have noticed that my herds go into a reduced state of activity in the cold weather. At night when it's the worst, they are nearly hibernating. All of them huddle up under blankets to say warm. The hornmothers and the eggs take the worse of it.
3/? The wild earth herds have adapted to have fewer failed eggs (i.e. eggs that fail to hatch) but the environment appears to be a major killer of eggs. So unless the herd makes a nest that remains warm enough for the hornmother to lay, she nearly stops laying at all in the cold temps.
4/? The herd caves don't have heating systems in them yet, so now I have two herds in my herd barn where it is warm enough for them. The unease between them appears to be set aside in gladness of warmth. I know this because both herds are singing in unison.
Haremhorns are the best heating system!
My apostle was able to take this pictures on her witch device... somehow her cakesmell didn't wake them up. Maybe they're THAT comfortable...?

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