Defectivehorn Apostle here, Cupcake appears to adapt living at my homestead rather well. I can tell she emotionally and mentally burned out. So I'm letting her relax for now. The small horns are greatly helping her recover as well. All the horns like her smell for some reason. 1/?

2/? The small horns and their keepers tend to pile around cupcake when she sleeps. no matter how many times she try to keep them out, they get into her room and cuddle up with her. I am guessing they are making her a part of the herd as well.
3/3 For now, cupcake and the horns are getting along well. So far at least. I do have to get her out of the habit of taking selfies however. The last thing I need is my herds to get into the habit of taking selfies too.
The last time some horns got hold of a witch device things went sideways really quickly!! My apostle better not leave her device behind...!!

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