Defectivehorn Apostle here. At first, yes she was like that. Then the snow came, and she realized they are warm and snuggly so she used them to warm her and sleep in longer. The smallhorns felt the same and did like wise. I does get cold up here in the mountains in winter time.

I see! Well, it sounds like my cutest and a best is doing alright with your herd. I hope she takes the time to learn more about the herd and become a better apostle... ;w;

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+3 answers in: “Yo Dan, so get this right - if you merge your comics together you can work on them concurrently. Then you can finish On the Subject of Witches - Snowhorn's Vampire Meguca Offce Drone Bride in 40 years and spend the rest of your life playing vidya and eating cakes, having fulfilled your life's goal.”