Defectivehorn Apostle here, It's been awhile since I wrote to you. Having a full house (and barn) keeps me quite busy these days. Pancake is doing well in charming my wife, she is getting close to accepting her as her own child. 1/?

2/? between Cup and Dark, Pan knows just the right thing to get others to do what she wants. I have never seen such a child to be a master of cunning and manipulative way via charm. Well, Charm magic is her stock and trade it seems.
3/? I need to stop her of that so she won't be dependent of it or abuse it. Sorry Dan, Pan is still a good kid, but she is getting way too spoiled for her own good. She even has most of the herd, and @muscle_Horn going along with her!
4/? Speaking if the herds, High summer is here and a bit surprising that the dry season is here early. This is hard times for horns, hot temps, no rain in weeks and no mud for the musclehhorns. the horns are watering the crops as much as they can but everything is parched now.
5/? I don't think the harvest is in danger yet, but we need rain soon. But I noticed an oddity, Horns are surprisingly resistant to sun burning. They work in the field wearing very little and not turning red much, nor getting solar poisoning.
6/6 The horns have shifted from day time to a night time operations to beat the heat. Horns are sun burn resistance but not heat resistant.
Pancake is definitely the "princess" of my cake daughters. I truly worry about her future... what will happen if she loses her cuteness one day? Will she be able to live?
As for the heat, it's a good thing the horns sweat so well. Please look out for sweaty, sour-smelling musclehorns, though... it can get pretty bad. The haremhorns must be working overtime!

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