Defectivehorn Apostle here, I do apologize for being quiet for so long Mr. Kim. I had made the choice to build a new wing to my house to house all the Cake sisters that have showed up on my door step. My home is crowded enough as is so we had to build this. 1/?

2/? We're not quite done with it yet, but Cupcake, Dark cake, and Pancake all have their own rooms now and room to house more cake sisters that I feel will show up in time. I did teach the Musclehorns in helping build it. It saves money too.
3/3 I plan to give you another report about my Apostle work soon, but for now. The cake sisters are doing well for the most part. Cupcake seems to be troubled as of late, and I fear it's about her boyfriend. I will find out more about it soon as well. Stay tuned.
My apologies as usual for imposing upon you. I will be sending Darkcake a little money each money she can use as rent while staying with your herd.
As for Cupcake's situation... I really don't want to read that message!!!