Defectivehorn Apostle here, The crops are still doing well but it's not yet time for the harvest so the horns have not much to do other than wait and watch the Musclehorns romp in the mud. So my exhausted wife came up with an idea that seems to work. 1/?

2/? Seeing my house is getting messy by the day and she is too wrapped taking care of my children and I am with my work to do much about it. Until now. She has taught a few up them to be as acting house maids. Dresses and all!
3/? She picked out some of the horns that would follow orders the best and even had some simple maid uniforms created for them when they worked. Her, my daughters, and the cake sisters pitched in to sew them. it took them a week or more to make them.
4/? I realized I had to get them foldable step stools so they can reach higher than they normally could to clean. The plan seems to be working, but the horns do take awhile to get into a pattern. Nothing major broken yet......
4/4 My house is getting cleaner than it has in ages and my wife can relax a bit more too. Although I do wonder if I can get @muscle_Horn to work as a maid too?
Haremhorns are the perfect maids. I hope the nohorn world at large never gets wind of their existence or they'll be captured and bred for such purposes... then again, a haremhorn might actually be quite happy with that kind of existence if there were enough horns around to care for and if they could get used to the nohorn smell. ;w;