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Not that guy but: "building your own future/make your life" says the guy who draw cartoon butts for living. No hatin on you Dan, but you are the last person to say this sort of thing, not to mention life is not that easy to fix it with "change your lifestyle" or any other motivational bullshit.

Hey man, if you think living the right life means getting a high status job and accumulating money, then good for you. But I had a good taste of that life and it wasn't for me. I had raises and promotions and money and a good education, but it all meant nothing. Toys and status? What for? I was miserable and life was devoid of all meaning and purpose. So what could I do? Take the "normal" path and buy a house I don't want, get a wife I can't love, and raise kids I resent? To work my ass off at a job I don't care about for 40 years and retire comfortably as an empty shell of a man? Or take control of my life, ditch the job, throw away the junk I don't need, and pursue the passion I've had since I was twelve years old?
Well, that's what I did. Now life is worth living. Every day I leap out of bed and run to my drawing tablet to get down to work. When I go to bed at night I can't wait to get up again and get back to it.
It is absolutely possible to build a life that you can look back and say "yeah, it was worth it". All it takes is some self-knowledge, knowing what's possible given your circumstances, some guts, and the ability to stop caring what other people think. It can mean sacrifices -- deep ones -- and you'll have to decide whether it's worth it. For me, it was. But it's YOUR life. You have to take control of it. At least, you have to try.

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2/2 I checked them later and it seems they are immune to it's toxin. Duo ate some of the Ivy, but had no ill effects from doing so. She told me it tasted awful and didn't want to do it again.

Interesting. Himehorns are also fairly resistant to squid poison (they merely hallucinate when ingesting large quantities).

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22 I checked them later and it seems they are immune to its toxin Duo ate some

How would you explain MGNQ to your grandmother?

So there's this moon rabbit in this electronic lounge where autistic manchildren gather to listen to it tell stories about underage girls in the year 40000 drinking, shooting, fucking, lifting weights and eating pancakes.The girls have magic powers and the manchildren want to marry them and there is some kind of fish sausage ritual at the end of every story session. There is also a talking cat.
This has been happening three times a week for more than two years.

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Is it weird that I identify as an artistic person and dream of being an artist, but have never put serious effort into drawing a single time in my life? And I keep putting it off? "A writer is somebody for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people." -Thomas Mann

>"identify as an artistic person"
Anon. Wake up.
It doesn't matter what you identify as. Nor does it matter what other folks identify you as. What matters is that you DO THE WORK.
>"A writer is somebody for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people." -Thomas Mann
That "difficulty" is the difficulty that a rock climber experiences when he tackles the hardest cliffs. By living in this state of difficulty, he masters the skills, the mountain, and most importantly /himself/. This is the hard work that you should be doing.
If you're not doing this hard work, you're just sitting at the bottom with your climbing gear, taking it easy, posturing and posing and crying about how climbing is soooo haaaard.
"I'm a real climber!! What's the difference between me and that guy really climbing?! I'm working up to it! I'll start soon! Any day now!! I'm so tortured and complicated!! Respect me!! REEEEE!!"
You can identify as an artist all you want, but one one gives a fuck what you identify as. And no one should.

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Is it weird that I identify as an artistic person and dream of being an artist

Sempai, I think you've gone full autist. You're too paranoid towards SJW talk. Anon clearly meant that he thinks of himself as artistic. If he was asked, "Are you artistic," he'd be like "Yeah, maaaan". Cool your tits, okay?

You don't understand, anon.
It's a trap that ensnares far too many . You place your value in internal qualities instead of actual productions.
"I'm smart"
"I'm artistic"
"I'm X"
Total vanity and a poison that can sap the will to produce works. Focus on the external -- the work. Your question should never be about whether you are artistic, but whether you working and climbing and producing good works. If you are doing the last three, what matter is the first? If you are NOT doing the last three, what matter is the first? Dump the first question.

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Any advice for figure drawing?

First: Grab Loomis
Start with "Fun With a Pencil" and go wherever you like from there.
Second: Grab the line drawings of some top-tier animators (I use Sushio or You Yoshinari). Try erasing a single line in a drawing. Try changing it. Try adding a line or extending one. Seeing how this changes a picture will give you a sense of how each line matters and improve your sensibilities.
Third: Remember that drawing is a mechanical skill. Even if you have all the right knowledge and make all the right decisions while drawing, you will not get good drawings until you've trained your body. You have to burn in those circuits and that takes time. Have a regular drawing area with a good setup where you can use your fingers, wrist, and arm movements correctly. Make regular practice time. You'll get better in spurts, then plateau, then break through again. Don't despair, this is normal. Be patient. Be persistent. Keep pushing at that boulder.
Fourth: Don't be afraid to start your project NOW. If you wait to get "good enough" you'll never start because you'll never think you're good enough, trust me. Also, the only way to get better is to do your project. Your current project is your training ground for your next project. There is only today, never tomorrow -- Start it now. NOW.
Fifth: It's a long road and no one really sees the end of it, so remember your enjoy the journey. Savour the little victories and have fun on the way.
Good luck!

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