Defectivehorn Apostle here. The damaged herd wants to stay near me and my family. at least until they grow large enough to live on their own again. Or at least till they get over the fears of another Templar attack. For now, I am being swamped in himehorn. himehorn everywhere I swear. 1/?

In a way you are very lucky. The only other lucky nohorn to get so close to a herd (even a defective herd) is the @Cakeist ... and maybe @HeatherCrunch . @Roombachan might count, but she's more of a toaster than a nohorn.

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Being a toaster almost makes it harder in some ways. What's weirder (and thus scarier): a no-horn that doesn't bully, or a haremhorn-ish no-horn without any smell?

S-scary...!! What is it?!