Congrats on your daughter reaching #1 (pair of idols)! \(' ww ' )/ Does she get get hate mail from the anit-lunarian? Does the state have to short through her mail? Do they plant fan letters to her if the moonies gets more mail so they can preserve the idol group?

Cupcake is an earth girl!!
The lunarian is more popular, but Cupcake keeps digging at her partner's self-esteem so she doesn't get any funny ideas (like starting a solo career and leaving her behind). At the same time, it's likely that the state wouldn't endorse the breakup of their group... so my cutest and a best can keep riding this Two Worlds As One wave for now.

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What if, say, hypothetically, an anti-lunarian hardliner were to send trapped letters or gifts to her, would he succeed? Would he get a chance to succeed? Or should he rather try an attack during a live concert? J-just asking for a friend, ahah

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