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5/? I think know how they got it. They worked hard for me and I gave them one of my cakes. I think they traded that for some moss. My herds don't just trade away their moss to a "wrong herds" so easily. They really value their moss. I guess they value my cakes even more.

It's almost too easy to buy out a horn. Cake was a mistake!! ;ww;

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4/? In other news, The first frost of the fall season has arrived and the broken herd has fully moved into the dug out tunnels my musclehorns have excavated. To my surprise they got their hands on some of that cave moss I told you about before and they are growing here where I can see it.

Hmm, nice fragrant cave moss. =w=

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3/? Granted such actions are way out of the norm for himehorn behavior, but my herds here on Earth are not the same on their old homeworld. It could be possible. Hopefully I will never need to use them that way.

If there were already himehorns living on earth in ancient times (such as the "oni" you found on your journey into the Witch Caves) it may have happened many times in the past already... there are stories like the Red Oni and Blue Oni, after all, where horned creatures try to live amongst nohorns. ;w;

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2/? Still, I got to think about this. If this defective horn can get away with this under cover action. Can she get others to become a spy for the herds? Has other herds created other infiltrator agents as well? I never asked much less thought about this before.

Then horns are amongst us.
If you spot a small himecut sniffing strangely on the train in your city... well, you never know...

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Defectivehorn Apostle here, My latest defective horn who thinks herself as a nohorn is STILL not caught yet in her school life. She uses retainer like device to hide her teeth and special contacts to hide her real eyes. Both of which my wife proved for her. 1/?

Hmm, your horn must really want to go to school!

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The indexed a cuteness of things by consumption: 1. (a) eating (b) being eaten 2 . subsets of 1 (a) unto 1 (b) when cuteness requires a relation of set 1 (a) to 1 (b). note i: special thanks to Mr. Kim for significate contributions to all categories. Revision 1.01

That's what I'm here for.

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4/? still she is learning more than she would have otherwise. Not that she's smarter than any other horn, but she is now fully literate in English. I wonder how long they can keep this up before the teachers catch on?

As long as she doesn't notice your defective horn's pointy teeth and overly pale skin... and black eyes... ;ww;

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3/? To my surprise, they appear to have gotten away with it for now. Hats and hair wraps keep her horns hidden and she trims her nails. But I feel this will not end well. I now have to make plans in case that horn gets outed or captured so I can get her back quickly.

Hmm... so your defective horn became the mysterious transfer student with a secret. Maybe she'll make friends with a good nohorn. ;w;

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2/? This new defective horn is a odd ball mentally. It was enthralled about human life and wanted to live like one. Physically she is a normal himehorn, but she wants to learn what it is to be a nohorn. So my wife and kids made a fake IDs for her to go to school with my kids!

Defectivehorn Apostle here, Sorry not posting much lately. After that world tour via the witch caves, I needed a break. That and to catch up with my family and herds. While I was away, I found out the rest of my family and one new slightly defective horn hatched a plan. 1/?

Kukuku... "hatched". =w=

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