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During the season do you guys have at least one night a week that you get to have dinner with your families?

We have dinner with them Thursday night during the season.

Do you think someone could go to school and become a college football coach if they didn't play high school or college football? For instance, I played basketball but I love football.

I do - just a matter of starting at the "bottom" to learn the operation of a football program.

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Are there going to be any good changes to the players' entrance on game day? In the past it has been kind of boring...They will play a song for a few seconds and then stop it. Also, the entrance songs have been kind of lame recently.

Not sure, any suggestions??
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How much better at technique, ie foot work, hands, pad level, are our D-line players? Do u think they will be more disruptive and come off blocks better? I know u werent here last year, but I'm sure u have seen tape.

We had a good practice last night - hopefully we continue that trend today.
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Just asking because I really appreciate what you did at Wisconsin. Thanks Coach

Appreciate it - I miss the players that I coached and wish nothing but the best for them.
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It's been a pretty mild summer here so far. Would you rather it be hotter or does it really matter?

Does not really matter.

I know we have a great D-line this year, do you think next year's D-line has the potential to be just as good if not better?

Too early to predict. Young players are working to make progress every day

Are we gonna see a better defense compared to the Petrino years?

No predictions. Focused on good practices today. #1-0

If a kid doesn't get a scholarship, would walk on, but can't afford it - can you help him get some other type of scholarship or grant?

NCAA rules prohibit us from getting them outside scholarships. They must get them on their own and can't be based on athletics.

Coach, do you get approached in public by Hog fans for pics/autographs? If so, does it ever annoy you? haha

I have been approached a couple times. Doesn't bother me at all, fans have been great.

On top of your responsibilities as a position coach, what additional responsibilities do you have as the assistant head coach?

Assist Coach B any way I can.

Coach, I wasn't an Arkansas fan till you, Coach B and the boys got there. Our players report for camp on Monday. Looking forward to seeing you in December and January.

Means a lot!! Thank you.

Hey coach, welcome aboard and good luck! I am anxious to see your group in action this year. I know the media is down on us, but are you guys pleased with the talent you inherited here? I think I would be and I think these media types are fools for sleeping on us. WPS!

Thank you and yes, I am excited.

Y'all won't be relevant I'm the SEC admit it!!! Lil ole arky!!!

Lol, never heard comments like that in my career before. Thanks.

Quick question here. With the Football Center, what exactly is going in the 3 big squares by the long walk way?

Not sure what squares you mean. Ill take a look.

How important is the brand of gear your program uses in recruiting? Does it matter if a school is Nike vs Under Armour, etc.?

It really depends on the individual. Some players it is very important. Some don't care at all.


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