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If you had to choose a different nationality, what would you choose?

We can save many relations, if we understand the simple fact that…

Pls send help
Its 5:35am

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❁Day 10: Ending from a shounen. You can answer with a pic, gif or video. // The game is over. Thanks for your participation. //

Over already? What a shame. Beautiful game :)
Keep up the great work!~

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Is being single a curse or a blessing?


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If you steal a pen from a bank, is it a bank robbery?

I'm a Criminal

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❁Day 6: Ending from your last Anime watched. You can answer with a pic, gif or video.❁

Shingeki no kyojin season 2
Ep. 37 is released today on Kiss Anime (Only Subbed)

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Here's a Bleach/Attack on Titan crossover. The artwork is beautiful

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Any Anime you want to see?

None at the moment, but this Crossover of Naruto Shippuden/Bleach is beautiful

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Like if...?

There is a Real Akamaru pup
I really want it ❤❤

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❁Day 4: Ending from your favorite Anime. You can answer with a pic, gif or video.❁

There is no Argument. All the Black Butler endings are beautiful.

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❁Day 3: Ending with dark theme. You can answer with a pic, gif or video.❁

Mekakucity Actors
You may not believe me, But it has really serious stuff in there.

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Who are your friends? Who is your best friend? Who do you love? Are you In Love?

Ooh. Well, I have a lot of friends who /are/ here on ask and not. Well.. Actually, I lied about 'a lot' in real life.

My best friends are.. The ones who is always next to me. The ones that Care. I respect them, and they respect me. I'm so da!m lucky yo have them..

And speaking of.. I'm lucky to have Jinx. She's been there.. We are very similar. Same with our problems, but I won't get to deep. I love with my damn heart.. It hurts to see if she is badly broken.. She talks to me about it.. And I listen when no one does. And she does the same.

Heh.. Why the f*ck am I tearing up? I don't.. Care anymore... I love you all. Appreciate that.. Please..

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Is it more important to love or be loved?

What is the best way to start summer?

Die in a Pool

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[Rosey: -Burst threw the doors- You!! Come! Here! Now! And receive!!!] Snowdrop: -is thrown by my creator to you, snuggles you- Cuddles.... UwU


Your Welcome
I was planning to do Snowdrop some time before doing this

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How did you meet your best friend?

What is happiness for you?


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The school holiday is coming closer and closer. What is your one great plan for summer holidays?

Here fellow smol

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Would you raise your child the way your parents raised you?

Update - Sora's loom is the same as Kcalb from 'The Gray Garden'

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♧Day 10: Opening from your favorite anime. You can answer with a pic or gif. My answer → // The game is over. Thanks for your participation. //

Don't ask xD

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What is the most important thing to know?

As some of you don't know.. Isa is 'Dead'..........
She's in a new body and has a new name. Her name will be Choko. No last name.
I given her the body of Yonaka Kurai (Midnight About in Japan) form 'Mongeko Castle'. Beautiful game.

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♧Day 07: Opening from a shoujo/romance. You can answer with a pic or gif. My answer → //

Kiss Him Not Mee

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What song always makes you happy?

♧Day 06: Opening which reminds you of your childhood. You can answer with a pic or gif. My answer → //


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