Ask @CoffeeEveryHour:

Favourite OTP?

Sorry it took me awhile to answer ;;
But personally, Blackheart and Luna's marriage is 💕💕💕 Love it
The reason I love it cause they both are close, really close. Their relationship lasted Longer than anyone else Luna has dated. Sure he tried to leave once, and there's been some up and downs, but its still fvcking cute.
I love this ship, I hope it never dies.
Oh, and BH is Luna's Favourite--

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Best Anime song?

Kuro Sensei's Song (Assassination Classroom)
First you take the planet earth, round and blue and green
And floating over Tokyo you drop a giant bean
Put another one in Sichuan China what a shine
Taking off from Dubai to Hawaii at mach 20 leave contrails as you fly
Double back across the southern hemisphere over the Philippines once again to well Dubai
Back to white drawing lines of latitude every 25 degrees along the way
And there you have it! Koro Sensei!

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Dear Self:
Are you doing any better?
Dear Mom:
I love you, but instead I yell.
Dear Dad:
Please don't be disappointed of what I've become.
Dear Crush:
Your thin air...
Dear School:
Go by quicker, please?
Dear Siblings:
Don't burn the house, please?
Dear First Love: @SkinFaceTheMaskedFreak
I'm happy you were my first love.
Dear Future me:
Will you be alive to read this?
Dear Best Friend:
Don't ever leave, okay?
Dear Future Child:
Mommy will return soon.
Dear Person I love:
Your doing great so far.
Dear Person I hate:
I don't think bad, I'm just jealous of you...
Dear Ex Best Friend:
What happen?
Dear people who hate me:
Your not alone.
Dear Boy/girlfriend:
Again, thin air.

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