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If you could only have one, what would you choose - Snapchat or Instagram?

I have none but
I felt so honored during today!! ;;
So, during Conic con, I took a lot of pictures with other Matsunos I found there. I almost screamed.
Another thing is I went to the voice actor panels. I met Kellen Goff, the voice actor of 'Fun Time Freddy' in sister location. He actually did a line from the game and it was amazing!
While walking during the panels, I also met Sandy Fox, voice actor of 'Betty Boop'. I asked her so many things and it was great to see her.
And finally for the panels, I met Lauren Landa! The voice of Kyoko Sakura from 'Puella Magical Madoka' and Annie from 'Attack on Titan'. The sweetest thing she did to me was voice Kyoko and quote me Happy birthday, cause it is in like... 2 weeks. I almost fainted, not gonna lie.
I bought one Mystery Box and 3 Osomatsu Nendroids! I got Fappy, Balls, and Thotty (Choro, Jyushi, Todo).
It was great and I loved it.
I'm going next year, but in a Jumpsuit. And a Cone. ~~~

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LA Comic-Con ~

So this will be exciting to go over.
As you can see, I'm going to Comic-Con.
And I'll actually be cosplaying there!
Anyways, here is some info!
• Comic-Con starts on Friday to Monday (27-30). The only date I'll be attending is on the 28, on Saturday.
• The person I'll be Cosplaying is a Girl Side of Jyushimatsu from Osomatsu-san. And no, I will not be Jyushiko.
Not that much but ehh -3-

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Dear Self:
Are you doing any better?
Dear Mom:
I love you, but instead I yell.
Dear Dad:
Please don't be disappointed of what I've become.
Dear Crush:
Your thin air...
Dear School:
Go by quicker, please?
Dear Siblings:
Don't burn the house, please?
Dear First Love: @SkinFaceTheMaskedFreak
I'm happy you were my first love.
Dear Future me:
Will you be alive to read this?
Dear Best Friend:
Don't ever leave, okay?
Dear Future Child:
Mommy will return soon.
Dear Person I love:
Your doing great so far.
Dear Person I hate:
I don't think bad, I'm just jealous of you...
Dear Ex Best Friend:
What happen?
Dear people who hate me:
Your not alone.
Dear Boy/girlfriend:
Again, thin air.

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