Ask @Colemarie18:

Have you ever given up on someone? Why?

It was clear she had already chosen someone else. So why stay and make things harder for the both of us? If she found happiness in another, it was obvious I needed to go, regardless of how willing I was to win her back. She had already made her decision... And now I sit here, remorsing over all I was oblivious to.

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What is more important - to be loved or to fall in love?

To be loved. Anyone can fall for another, but that doesn't mean it'll work. Knowing that you're loved is so much better, and has way more potential.

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Do you think you've changed in the last year? In what way?

Most definitely. I've been through many downfalls and found my reason for living and thriving, through my incredible girlfriend. This year couldn't get any better, nor I a more drastic change.

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