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Could you tell me some good songs ?

Lastlings - Urges, You
Quok- Invisible Friend
Esse- Inside
Bjork- Hyper-Ballad
Against tje Current- In Our Bone, Blood like Gasoline, Demons
MGK -Stereo
Emika - She Beats, Primary Colours, Sleep With My Enemies, Common Exchange
London Grammar -Metal & Dust
Cloudkicker- We're going in. We're going down, Amy I love you
Nothing's Carved in Stone- Crying Skull, Midnight Train
HEIZE- And July
Maverick Sabre- Open My Eyes, Memories
Dumbfoundead- SAFE
Qrion- Just a Part of Life EP, End of Summer, Beach
Jaxx Party- Talkingin Your Sleep
Almost sanjaux- Misfortune
Xavier Dunn ft Airling- Give In
Billie Eillish- Ocean Eyes
CV009: KabookiZ- Got the Crib to Myself
Stefan j. selbert- in teos
Anderson .Paak- The Season
Tut Tut Child- Breathe
Hardwell ft Mr Probz- Birds Fly
Callum Connor- .gyeah
Dean ft Anderson .Paak- Put My Hands On You
Masayoshi Iimori- Super Mellow Beat, Justice - Stress (Japanese version )
Carpainter- Pluto
Trekkie Trax -AMUNOA Bright(sushi killer remix)
Attom- Glow
Koven- Your Word
Japanese Wallpaper- Japanese Wallpaper EP

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What would you change in this World?

The disconnected between peoele and everything around them, I don't feel many know how to be people or how to live/ interact with nature. Then you got poverty and extortion to varying scales worldwide. It not a perfect world but there's too much to list and not many things effective without major negative consequences or possible imbalances

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