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Latest answers from Colletterox

Well then you might wanna hit up that certain guy with a pro card that you know and ask him about it..You look much better when you can't really see your face btw ;-) I enjoyed it

You've got the wrong girl.

So being a booty call every time this certain mx guy with his pro card hits you up to "hang out" then ditches you when he finds a better girl and ended up recording you two doesn't make you desperate? That has to hurt..he used you and has shown your sex tapes.

I don't know what or who you are talking about....

Well then someone you fucked because you were desperate recorded it without you knowing..think long and hard.

Never been desperate to have sex.

Oh so just the two sex tapes I've seen of you then? That's all you have?

I don't have any sex tapes.

What's been the best commercial you've seen?

The tide commercial when the little girl says "can I help?", and her dad says "awh", then she says "just kidding", giggles, and runs away.

is it possible to get into modeling if I'm 5'2"? I look a lot thinner than you but I'm short so I have that going against me.

Agencies look for tall, slim girls. But if you want, you can find local photographers, and have them shoot you. You can still technically "model", you just won't be a contracted one.

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