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its ok I don't have to tell you cuz it doesn't matter. you're just a really chill guy :D

Hahaha. Thanks a lot. Hmu

hey nerd you should know you are one of my favorite people even if I always call you annoying and make fun of u. :P

Haha thank you so much
Who is this?

tbh coltey you're the most amazing human being ever and im gonna miss you soooooo much and I cry I cry and you're always there for me when I need it and I love you lots

nina_angela’s Profile Photonina mays
Awe thanks Nina. I'm gonna miss u so much

Hey I just wanted to say you are a truly good person. Doing St. Baldricks every year is very brave and kind. It is so amazing you do that and you should get more credit for it. Thank you for being a good person... There needs to be more people like you in the world - a friend

Awe thank you so much. Just made my day. Who is this?

do u like it more when a girls wears makeup or not?

Well it depends. Cuz a little is ok but some girls wear way to much and they r already beautiful and don't need it

when is it bad luck to have a black cat follow you... when you're a mouse

Lol. That was pretty cheesy. Get it nice like cheese


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