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Colton lutz
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Do you use this anymore (sent to all)

You heckin know it

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Yes i do i just dont understand you


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Your head is still sticking out.....

You don't know what that is do you

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What do you mean you'll die?

I'm claustrophobic

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Have you ever got buried in the sand at the beach?

No bc ill die

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Have you ever been tied up?


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How old are you?

Who is the other hot guy in your cover photo?

You're cute

Muy gracioso

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I'm not telling you silly goose

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Are you a shopaholic?

Like if ask is dead and everyone should get rid of it

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who do u like

Idk anymore

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Sc streaks

I lost all of them :/

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What's the first thing you grab from the refrigerator when you're hungry?


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Rate :10 Date :never Hate :sometimes

Do you wish you could read someone's mind? Why?

because they prob lyinnnnn

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Are you going to the football game?


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What is better: bitter truth or sweet lies?

bitter truth

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Finish the sentence: Never have I ever...

felt the urge to hurt myself

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if so who you gonna hang with

prob not you OOOOHHHHH BURRRNNNEEDDD honestly idk who

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are you going to the next home game ?


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Cute couple pap?

kelly and carter

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recent picture on camera roll pap