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I'm alright. How are you, Anon?

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Don't know if you'll see this, but I saw how you defended bisexuals when standing up for Andy's right to be himself. As someone who is Bi also, you're words really meant a lot. Plus, ya know, appreciate the way you stood up for him for his right to his sexuality. Bi isn't an insult. :)

Hannah Melia
Thank you, Hannah. I'm glad someone could appreciate my rant.
Nobody chooses their sexuality or who they love. (Even if they did, it wouldn't make them worthy of derision.) Straight, gay, bi, pan, fluid, any and all other sexualities are more than okay. It is an important part of us as people. Everyone is beautiful inside and out.
People can be so hateful towards others and themselves for so many reasons. Race, gender, sexuality, social class, and so much more. I'm not in this fandom for any of that. I have a great group of followers and friends who are loving and accepting. But then I remember not everyone is so friendly. It breaks my heart that we're in a place where we would like to think we're open minded and accepting, and then some of these same people will turn around and hate. That's not beautiful. It's sad.
Sorry for the long rant of an answer. I just want to spread some love. #NOH8

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