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Would you find it disrespectful if someone where to get a controller costumed from you but then get some extras added on from SCUF or any of the other companies that do customs?

Not at all! I look at it as you bought the controller if you want to do any add ons feel free just hope you use someone reliable like scuf and someone that will take care of your custom!

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Would you consider your products one of the best or the best?

The best quality paint jobs on the market!

Are you coming out with any new features that you can do like LED thumb sticks or anything thats not available right now?

I currently have done one controller with LED thumb sticks I will base on what I do with that by the demand of customers! So far hasn't been worth doing it, and I don't plan on modding controllers I want all CC controllers LAN approved!

How much would it cost to do a custom on an xbox console?

This varies as design area is rather large, would be answered via email after description how many colors etc

Why is your Nebraska prediction ridiculous?

In ones eyes it might be however it is my prediction :) I believe it is do or die for Bo Pelini

Nebraska football record prediction this year?

10-2 they lose to Michigan and penn state but come away with Big10 conference win huge upset over Ohio State!

Do you ever do any special offers or giveaways?

Use "SplitSec"at checkout for additional 10% off! Also if you haven't followed me on twitter I suggest to do that many giveaways going on there!

If requested can you make the exact same controller that you have already made someone else?

Depending on which one! Lots I do one of a kind and won't duplicate!

How can someone become sponsored by CC?

This is extremely hard to get currently as I'm not sponsoring and by sponsoring it takes my time and money usually with little return for CC!

Besides painting the controllers what add-ons can you you do? Ex. Analog sticks, triggers etc.

I'm a painter not a modder! However I do offer ps3 sticks and I offer to put items on from modsticks I'm a huge fan of their aluminum triggers!

Do you only do controllers?

No I also sell iPhone cases! But truly I will paint anything that can come apart! Materials like plastics metal fiberglass etc. things not possible to paint are silicones and rubber!

Can people send in there old controllers to be customized?

Yes you can! Most paint jobs run $50 plus shipping charges! However I do run a 48 hr testing with controller before I start work! If a button doesn't properly work I do charge you 10% for my time and controller is shipped back! If everything works properly it runs 10-15 business days!

How long does it take to receive the controller/s after i have made my purchase?

Controllers on average run 10-15 business days! Some might run a few days longer due to shipping if not in the US! CC also uses USPS to ship all controllers I use priority mail and supply you with a shipping confirmation number!

Can I give you my own image design for paint in the controller?

Almost any image is possible, pricing does depend on detail and how many colors are used!

Is Spl1tsec great or what?

Well this can be argued many ways lol. Yes he's the best promoter and sponsored player that carries the CC name with great PRIDE!!

why should i buy your controller?

Because you will receive top quality from CC, using all top of the line paints and factory controllers shipped in original packaging!! Also did I say ONE OF A KIND!

How do you feel about theory gaming?

Their an awesome company that has huge things ahead! If your not following them on twitter and facebook I suggest you do it. Did I mention "BIG" things ahead!!!

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