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If you ask questions on here or have in the past: Do you tend to write out questions in advance or send them out as you think of them? Where do you tend to draw inspiration from, if anything? 💬

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- A mix of both, but usually I plan and revise my questions, ahead of time! 😜 I have a notes on my phone specifically regarding questions I have/may think of, so I can ask others on Ask! ☺️ I like it, because it allows me to be curious, introspective and also see what other people thing/how they see things!
- I tend to draw inspiration from everyday life! Some Q's regard situations I have currently been going through/everyday life, others regard things I've seen from friends/TV/work/memes/pop culture/other social media/ect., some questions spark from people's responses on here and the questions they send me... And some are either silly random nonsense, like, shower thoughts and bedtime "I can't fall asleep until I ask this" thoughts, lol.
If you ask questions on here or have in the past Do you tend to write out

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At what age range does a person start to say: “When I was your age…” or “Back in the day…”?

Neo_gs’s Profile PhotoNeo
I think probably late 20's is when it all starts, lol.
We just look at the younger generation before ours... And there's this consistent shaking of the head... And maybe even some facepalming, as well as swaying of the ol' cane 😝
At what age range does a person start to say When I was your age or Back in the

Would you rather make more money doing a job you hate or less doing one you love?

Less money, doing a job that I love☺️💼
I'd rather be happy with what I'm doing, and it being a job that helps others/doesn't go against my own values... Just means that I would have to save up and manage my money differently (which I'm already used to doing, lol)
Would you rather make more money doing a job you hate or less doing one you love

What is one food from another country's cuisine that you'd like to try someday? 🥘🍣🥖

I wouldn't mind trying some "real" Italian food! 🤤
Just to see how it differs from the more Americanized version 😋🍝🇮🇹🤌
What is one food from another countrys cuisine that youd like to try someday

How do you choose to get around? 🚗🚲🚶🚄

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
By car 🚗💨
Everything in my state, is a bit spread out (I think they call it urban sprawl?)...
But when I was in college, I really enjoyed living on campus... Taking the shuttle to return home once a week, as well as just walking/biking around the college, not solely depending on transportation... Even restaurants and stores, outside of the college, were fairly accessible!
It just felt more... Together! ☺️🙌
How do you choose to get around

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Q1. What’s something you think is easy about being a man? Q2. What’s something you think is easy about being a woman?

Neo_gs’s Profile PhotoNeo
1. Peeing, lol 😝 Also... Going to sleep and not having thoughts! 🤪 Also, ALSO... bigger and more pant pockets!!!
2. The gift of gab! 🗣️... No pockets? That's what the bra is for, lol. (jk jk) Naw, I just borrow my fiancé's pockets lol... Um... Getting the door held for you?... And there's probably less expectations/pressure, than what is expected of a man.

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You're a teacher at school. 1. What subject would you teach? 2. How old are going to be your "students"? 3. Do you think you'd be a great teacher or not that good? 4. Would you be tough/friendly.. etc?

M1ssSemy’s Profile PhotoStar. i
1. I'd be an Art teacher 😋👩‍🎨🖼️🖌️🎨
2. I'd like to teach the younger kiddos... Like grade 1st - 5th grade? 🤷‍♀️ I just feel like they have a lot of fun with arts and crafts, and it's when their brains are the most imaginative (imo) ☺️
3. I think with a little more public speech practice, I'd do alright! Plus, it'd be fun to make creations and blast some music in the background 😋
4. The tough part... Would probably be having to follow the school guidelines, lol.
I don't really like following "rules"... I wanna make art FUN!! And another would probably be getting one of the kids to stop eating the paste, lol. 😝🤪
Youre a teacher at school 1 What subject would you teach 2 How old are going to

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Who has the most control over your life?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
I can make the choice to either accept or deny an opportunity and work hard towards something that I want to do, but ultimately, God already has a plan!
He knows where I'll be, and where He wants me to be... And with that, I must place trust in Him, as well as, have faith 🙏☺️
Who has the most control over your life

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