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What's the one thing that should be taught in school that isn't? If you were a teacher, how would you present it? ما هو الشئ الغير مدرس ولكن يجب ان يدرس في المدارس ؟ وكيف كنت ستقدم محتواه لو كنت مدرسا؟

BasmaUtopia8’s Profile PhotoBæsmə ( Bardolatry bibliopole)
How to "adult"... lol. You know... to do the "adult thingymabobs" that school just doesn't teach us...
- How to attain a credit card
- How to build your credit
- How to do your taxes
- How to live on your own/buy a house/ect
ect. ect. ect.
And I'd bring attention to this issue... With a presentation chock full of funny (hashtag, relatble) "adulting" memes, lol.
Whats the one thing that should be taught in school that isnt If you were a
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Celebrated by being lazy with the girlfriend! Was nice :) How was yours?

gingerbreadguy2’s Profile PhotoGingy
That's nice! Watch some movies? :)
Mine was good! Bit more crazy than that, lol. Boifwiend and me #squad (as well as a couple newbie people) tagged along to a country bar, and celebrated the night away. Then went to my besties place and played some "Cards Against Humanity" and "Just Dance" while drinking that very spethial and very secret "happy juice"... lol.

With 12 months into your relationship, is there talk about you-know-what? (Starts with an M)

Neo_gs’s Profile PhotoNo Apple Please
Ma.... Ma.... *whispers*... marriage?!?! O__O
*Looks around, ensuring there isn't a priest nearby*... lol. xD
Yeah, we've talked about that a "little" bit... I mean, we both want to share a ring/bond, eventuallllyyyy.... But, it's not a necessity at the moment! There's still so much we both have to do, individually first, before we feel like settling down.
Ngl, I'm a little anti-marriage and baby at the moment. lol.
I don't see that happening until the "last egg"... xD
Tmi? Maybe! But hey! You asked. xD

Whenever you talk on the phone to someone who lives far away do you ever find yourself talking louder than you normally do?As if them being so far away makes it harder to hear you on the phone?

Yup! None of us have Verizon Wireless, so I gotta keep repeating "Can you hear me now?" #TotesNotASponsor ... I bet those aluminum cans attached to a string would get better service, lol.
I can't even talk on the phone, in one place... lol. You'll see me walking up and down the halls. Can you sit still on the phone? Or that just me? lol.

When you were little, did your parents talk about things while you were present, things they didn’t want you to follow ? How did they conceal the subject matter? BQ- what subjects or words did you completely misunderstand til you got bigger and more clever?

lizzypickles’s Profile PhotoLizzy Pickles
My parents (biological mom and step father) didn't want me to smoke. They both were avid smokers... They didn't really "hide" the subject matter, although with car fresheners, incense and febreze.
BA: Mmmm.... The "birds and the bees talk" was something I never really understood. Lol. Mainly because I didn't want to hear it... and was still at that young/naive age... But it happened, and I'd say I understand it more now... than I had. xD (kudos to google)

What is your greatest fear?

psyquietrist’s Profile Photo♡ lady c ♡
I'd have to say... Losing my grandparents.
I know it's sure to happen, cuz circle of life... But, I just don't want to face that sort of reality? :/
I know, that that would be my breaking point... They're like my parents, to me... It would be verrrrry heartbreaking to not have them there... I honestly just don't feel closer to anyone else in my family... and don't feel like I'd have the same kind of love or support that they have given me.
I love them SOOOOooo freakin MUCH!


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