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Is it true that you can never make everyone happy?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
That is true 👍 and that's okay! We're not "meant" to please everyone, ya' know?
A lot of us, people pleasers, tend to forget that we need to nourish ourselves and focus on our own happiness, at times... Though it may be "frustrating" to not be able to be well liked or be able to fully please others to their own content, we can't worry/stress about that... It's just gonna drive you crazy, otherwise! And it's not always feasible...
Just do your best to be there for others and continue being you!

What does real love look like to you?

H2o_o2H’s Profile Photoꪖ᥅ᥴꫝ꠸ꫀ
Real love (to me) looks like:
- Having each other's back, through and through
- Going through the ups and downs, and not judging each other for each others own downfalls... Giving each other full support and working through the challenges, as one, along the way!
- Laughter... And lots of it! Life's too short to not have fun? Experience life... Have goals for your relationship! Milestones ☺️ it's keeps things fun and fresh!
- Be silly! Be playful! Embrace the moments when you can just poke fun at each other/banter and let the inner child within, out! 🤪
- What my fiance calls "huggles" (aka: hug snuggles) and kisses 🥰
- Listening to each other's perspectives (sometimes they can differ - and that's okay!) and working on how to meet in the middle, so it's not one sided ☺️
- Trust and open communication... ALWAYS!! 🙏
- Someone you can call your person... Your other half 👩‍❤️‍👨 Where the love never dies... And feel completely whole!

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Why do people change in relationships?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
People grow!
I think within a relationship, after going through certain experiences in life and with someone (the challenges along the way), you figure out who you are... What you want and need out of life - to feel purpose?... And just (hopefully) become a much more, better version of you!
I'm a strong believer that we meet people that we "need" in certain parts of our life, in order to grow into the person we're meant to become! ☺️

Would you rather live a lie pretending everything is okay, or speak your peace and walk away 🤔

snj81321’s Profile PhotoLeigh Malone
Speak my peace... Be honest and upfront... And walk away to get some space/think things through, but that does not mean there isn't room for conversation with that person after some time to heal/be with ones own thoughts, and until they're ready to talk about it/fight for the relationship/friendship.
Things don't "always" have to come to an end... Things can be worked out, too! As long as there's reciprocation and conscious effort from both parties involved... And mutual understanding and action to fix what the issue was to begin with, from the start!🤗
Would you rather live a lie pretending everything is okay or speak your peace


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