Ask @CoreenaRichards:

You sound so fucking dumb. Im black and I definitely dont have a ghetto side. And you said koolaid like all black people drink girl you need to re-evaluate the way you say shit like that cause you're offending other black people, like myself, who are the exact opposite of you.

obviously their asking for MY POINT OF VIEW AND NOT YOURS. okay if you got a problem get off anon n talk to me about it okay:)

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what's it like being Black, i want detail to please

well its pretty chill if you ask me, can say nigga whenever you want and tell other races that can't say it, cause they cant and if you do dont say it around me, i get to eat soul food all the time(cornbread,greens,blackeyedpeas,chicken,mashed potatoes and some koolaid yasssss),i know my place cause i grow up getting ass whoopings, i think every black person has a ghetto side when their mad, you can say a joke and people well laugh even if its not funny, we have crucial gigs like no other (Huaaaahhh),um we loooveee cookouts and spending time with the family in the summer, and ya its pretty chill.

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