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Se dovessi venderli, a quanto venderesti i tuoi disegni?

Preferisco non vendere i miei disegni, non ora. Anche perché si tratta di soggetti che interessano a nella maggior parte dei casi solo me e una piccola nicchia di persone, quindi non troverei nemmeno acquirenti.
SE dovessi venderli..beh.. per farne uno "fatto bene" diciamo che ci metto dalle 10 alle 20 ore in media..i materiali che uso non sono pregiatissimi, ma hanno anche loro un certo valore..e, credo, in genere li faccio anche abbastanza bene. Una persona normale per un disegno vorrebbe spendere sui 20-30€ massimi, ma se pensi che ci metto decine di ore a farli capisci che, per me, non vale la pena venderli.
Ora sto facendo dei lavori molto più semplici di grafica, cose da 2-3 orette massimo e vengo pagato anche sui 50€ a progetto.
Fatto questo lunghissimo discorso direi che i miei disegni, se dovessi venderli, li venderei a prezzi elevati, troppo per un utente medio.

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Is man as great as we draw him to be?

We humans are some of the most beautiful and interesting beings in the Universe. We have our bad sides and our good sides, that's certainly true, but we're building a society that is truly amazing. I mean, look outside, our society, laws, technology, phylosophy..everything is so complicated and fascinating.
I'll be forever amazed for the greatness of the human kind, in it's bad and good aspects.

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What will you do for Valentine's Day? :)

I'm not going to do anything. I feel like I'm completely out of society xD I'm looking at the society like I was an external entity and not a part of it. Same thing goes to Valentine's Day..I totally forgot it is this near! Is it a bad thing that I'm not enjoying it as I should? I don't really have any interest in any girl in particular so maybe I'll just give some random gifts here and there.
I've had some crushes, but lately I'm totally absent with my mind.
Kinda boring eh?

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You like touching songs right? :) This is one of my favorite songs, the piano is perfect. There is also an orchestra version, if you search 'Bloodstream (Quartet Session)' which is even more touching. Buon viaggio!

I used to listen to that song, I loved it :D Thank you for everything, I've had a great journey. Barcelona is ..waaaa it has an atmosphere that resembles that of a fable, full of colours and rounded shapes. I lost my heart there, and my jacket too (lol I forgot it at the beach)

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