Ask @Corpster94:

Top 5 anime

Hmm that's a tough one its constantly changing.Currently though. 5.Oreimo. 4.Jo Jo"s Bizzare adventure. closed. 2. Yu Yu Hakusho. 1.Dragonball Z. I know its mostly older anime but the top 3 are most special because it reminds me of my childhood. There's plenty of newer show's I love I just don't think they are top 5 worthy.Jo Jo and Oreimo are exemptions though probally my favorite animes from this current decade 2010-2014

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your thoughts on Dbz kai on Toonami

I'm super excited about it.I loved watching it on nick toons even though it was edited.The pacing is way better and its overall easier to watch.I still like original Dbz better but Kai is still cool.Its just ashame I never picked up the blurays yet for it. I'm hoping they start in the buu saga but it would probably be better if they just started it from the beginning for all the people who haven't seen it.

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