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I'm not the one that said that down there hahaha

unfollow me if you have such a big problem with it hun. byeeee (:

Wow, a little conceded much? "Hun" look in the mirror.

thats not conceded. and i do, everyday. <3 now hop off my ask. i dont play.

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Stop doing that stupid lip thing in your pictures. It's not cute. It's annoying.

HAHAHHAHA YOU MAKE ME LAUGH. first of all you're not my boss, second of all i do what i want and people like you are the reasons i do it. so keep you're opinions to yourself cuz no one cares what you think hun. and i am cute, i get told i am everyday and you cant stop me cx

courtney dont listen to that person look your my best friend and your not selfish, If you held up 11 roses into a mirror, you'd be looking at 12 of the most beautiful things in the world. from your best friend derrick

aww thats so sweet!

Ur to selfish, the way u treat other people is horrible and I'm tired of it! I liked the way u were when I could trust u.

cool cool cool. now how about you tell me who you are lol.

stop getting mad at her ik i got sick that day and i felt like crap cause of what me and her said to each other its done and over with so stop messing with her


i cant tell why not hes been depressed since the third day of school ik im dereks best friend but i cant sit by him cause of my other friends that want me to sit by them and i was thinking you and him were best friends thats why i came to you

Oh okay.


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