Ask @CrawsterYT:

What is the exact weight of your vagina in kilograms?

I noticed you didn't say "M" in that whole sentence which obviously means you need too have it in this sentence so If I had "M" and add in the "Y" in your and it will give me "MY" so the real hidden answer is 'What is the exact weight of "MY" vagina in kilograms? So tell me how many kilograms are in your vagina PIXEL?!

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Your DayZ Standalone Videos ? How do you make the colour's so vibrant and good, i've tried a few colour corrections but I would like to know yours :) add me on skype if you like - aydenreeves5

I don't do it in Sony Vegas, I just don't like how it turns out in the Renders so when the normal video is uploaded if you go too Video Manager > Click Edit on the video you want > Enhancements > Filters > Then click Lomo-ish > Then Save :D

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