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why is money a thing? When life is spent on time?

grandmasterqtipp2’s Profile Photoghostboy
Not sure.. You're right tho.. Ive made it with hardly any money. . And I'll eventually get more.. But time.. Time I've lost and can never get back

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What are your views on traditional house roles?

dieselmom’s Profile Photokayy!
That they're mostly outdated
It should be determined by many factors not just gender or employment status
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Who are you trying to be nice to with all your strength?

lifethorns’s Profile Photolıfe thorns
I'm trying to be nice to me for once. To tell myself I'm strong that I can do anything.. That I can be someone.. instead of how I'd usually talk to myself in a very negative way

Does man gets insecure if his woman has a lot of attention from other guys and not only up front of him. Like even his friends very attractive to her and saying they are a little jealous of him that he has an amazing girl

Well.. I've heard of guys liking it cause they still have the girl.. But some do get insecure and jealous

Why the bully you know way with everything don't get punished and they always start but when a person hit back that person get into trouble with a parent School not not fair the bully always started it


Do you prefer one side of your family to the other, or do you like/dislike them equally? I prefer my mom's side of the family.

I like things about both

Does your voice get lower when u get depressed/sad ?? I feel like I have no energy therefore I speak lower tone :(

grandmasterqtipp2’s Profile Photoghostboy
More like it gets softer.. And I have to push myself to speak
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