Ask @CristanMikaylaWilhite:

Op on your ex

Complete trash. Our breakup brought out the worst in him & he gets his kicks out of being an asshole anytime he can. Makes me sad bc I honestly wanted the best for him in life, but, he’s the kind of person who will always be bitter- angry- and mean. I still want his life to go good, but, honestly right now I completely hate him so I just went it was going good but like 😂 far far away from me.

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First relationship

Feels like 5ever ago tbh. And I’m not gonna say anything bad. Thinking back I just think of being super young, ya know? And it’s not even that i was bc I was 17, I was just super naive about everything. It was the first time I’d done anything or even expressed my sexuality openly. I came out to the majority of my family by being in that relationship. So I think a lot of it had to do with sorting out what kind of person I was going to be. Kinda seeing what I needed in relationships and the kind of love I wanted. I think right after relationships end we kind of paint it as bad and then after a long while when you get over the pain of whatever happened or it not working out the way you’d imagined- a certain euphoria comes into effect. Where you just are stuck with memories of a person and relationship that doesn’t exist anymore. I think it’s like that with all relationships, or that’s been my experience at least. I think I’ve changed a lot in who I am and the way I love people/ way I act in relationships now so I don’t think I’d ever have another one like that. Idk, I’m not super sure what answer you were looking for.

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