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I'm just now seeing that it was your birthday like yesterday or some? Lol I'm late hope it was a happy one!

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Thank you hun!🤗💜 it was!
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Do you think you're a good parent or will be when you have kids

I'd hope so, though my impulse and temper are a big concern. When I have that managed, I think I'd be ready.

HAPPY FXCKING BIRTHDAY LOVE BUGGGGGG!!!!! wishing you the best of wishes on your special media 💞 this day is all about you enjoy it to the fullest you deserve it ❤️ love ya Marisa and I hope this day brings you happiness and love! Wishing you many many more birthdays to come 🦋🤩✨

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Thank you honey! I appreciate you, sorry for the late reply I was out all day:)


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