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Do you want to move back Norway?, Do u miss Norway?

I've been asked this question before, I miss Norway indeed but you know you get use to living in a new location after living here for almost two years now. I want to move back if everything else fails over here such as striving towards success in music.

am i gonna see you when i get back from the land of the scots?


What can totally impress you?

Having the same ideologies as me. You no doubt get the D if you have the same ideology as me.

If you could meet a famous person, whom would you like to meet?

Without a doubt Joe Rogan man, the dude has the concept of life.

What is the formula of happiness?

Smile when you don't feel like smiling, put on your favorite happy song when you don't feel like it and my personal favorite work the fuck out.

What is the most important thing you have learned in life?

Never joke around multiple times about a touchie subject, consequences are not worth it.

What does it mean when a man looks at other women when he is with his girlfriend?

Women do that too, I wouldn't see anything wrong if my girlfriend looked at another guy she's mine so why should I worry about that? I wouldn't put her on a leash and tell her not to look at anyone besides me. If you're in a relationship with me, you can do whatever you want as long as it doesn't affect the relationship or affects me in a bad way. Go party with your friends, go hang out with your guy friends. But if you do anything that affects relationship badly or me, then we need to talk.
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What would your dream house be like?

My dream house would be like a cabin up in the mountains of Norway, spent a lot time as a child in cabins so the atmosphere of it.

Have you ever thought about becoming vegetarian?

My parents are on this Semi-Vegetarian diet, the food isn't all that bad. It's actually good majority of the time! But I could never be a full time vegetarian.

If you could leave tomorrow with a one-way ticket, where would you go?

That's a tough one man, there's so many place I would love to go to but you know one place I've dreamt about settling down at is Ibiza. I would love to go there.

How do you decide what movie to watch?

Watch whatever that seems relevant to my interest and when it starts!

Are there any friends, male or female, that you look up to, admire, or greatly respect? If so, who and why?

Naaa don't have any :p Lost'em awhile ago.

Why does everyone from piper hate you?

So the entire school hates me now? I thought it was only a select few. it's because I brought up a bullshit story that was a lie to an individual who believed it was true, the individual told all the mutual friends about it then everyone of those people hate me. I don't blame'em, I hate myself for it too. That's one way to lose all your closest friends.

If you could listen to only one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Hmm, hard choice probably Outside by Staind.


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