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The employees,businesses, and relationships that all of us have to give up in order to move forward- Necessary Endings by Dr.Henry Cloud. Interested? Heard of it before ? It’s changed my life , try it . Be ready to get rid of what’s been holding you back .

What holding me back is Justin not answering any of my questions at all maybe try other guys account and prendent to flirt with them and then Justin will crack maybe idk because jerk like too chicken answer me now because just friends

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What was the last thing you paid for?

Today is my 20th brithday today and at olive garden in Austin Texas for dinner got good gifts best gift is @ricksizzler94 and @godamnhailey are marry now because saw video nice video.of them made want cry how sweet are each other best gift @godamnhailey hope have a gril or boy and a happy boy or girl with Justin bieber my best friend forever and @SelenaGomezPrivxoxo is my best friend forever too because special person me too and Justin

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How do you cope with lack of sleep?

Hey everyone stop brothering Justin bieber @ricksizzler94 about his ex grilfriend and his life who wants to marry and think @godamnhailey is support person like ex grilfriend but teenager years are over they have own life's now and Selena told her fans she over Justin bieber @ricksizzler94 so want if not Jelena I am happy for jailey Hailey and Justin and Justin met Hailey 2009 like Selena Gomez 2009 and she been to almost important events like never say never premiere and Monte Carlo premiere she knew Justin break up with ex grilfriend sooner and why went to Hailey balwin in 2015 and why she kissed him and promise to marry her in 2018 when Jelena is over and we're so deal with it stop mean people sending mean comments on Instagram to him not nice at all leave Justin and Hailey alone can't break true love from Justin he my favorite male aristst since 2009 and now and happy be a belieber for Justin happy smile with Hailey is cool and Justin said would not make contact with ex grilfriend since he marry Hailey. But Justin will remember Selena begin there for him 2009 2010 2011 early 2012 and Early 2014 just Selena doesn't want ruined friendship with Justin because been in 2009 and happy are friends now and Justin marry Hailey different person is find I ship Justin @ricksizzler94 and Hailey balwin @godamnhailey so anyone have problem with Justin and Halley deal it he with her now

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From 1-10, how weird are you?

Hey @godamnhailey what Happened to you so see you and Justin happy which is great awsome. Quick questions what your favorite TV? Mine TV show is friends and know one Justin favorite TV shows too like Selena Gomez to she likes Chandler most. Favorite fast-food place because McDonald's like everything never had big Mac but want to one day go to McDonald's and Justin like McDonald's a lot like me, and me, Selena and Justin all like purple nice color

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