Ask @Cupcakefanz:

Excuse me but I saw you asked the (austinmahone47) a question. I've also been aware of the things it has said about me. I'm not saying you have to believe me but you need anything and I do mean anything, please, don't hesitate.

Austin Harris Mahone
I am sorry if I hesitate or anything didn't mean to please forgive me what I did just have strong feelings for Justin Bieber which don't have to believe me or not because I believe it is him because Kik account says Justin Bieber on it and his says Justin Bieber on it too but I believe it him with all mine heart told me still loves me and he said yes he proof he him did everything he can I really don't like people says he not real Justin Bieber stuff like that because he is too me because makes me happy been belieber since 2009 and Justin Bieber is mine true love and sweetie pie love the most our the guys in whole wide world love his user name @ricksizzler94 and his Kik account is justindbieberprv1994 believe he is real Justin Bieber because been looking for real Justin Bieber since 2015 for a long time now

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