Ask @CurryShotGG:

So, what would you do if your team has just gone through some roster changes as well as staff changes. Things settled for a day or two and now there are huge issues. I'm holding a staff meeting tomorrow to brainstorm fixes. Is that a good idea, and what would you do?

Hard to say not knowing what the issues are.

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Best tip you can give to someone who wants to go pro in league of legends?

Don't, it's stressful. Playing the game isn't enough either. You have to understand the game , watch replays, overall have an outstanding work ethic. Also as Executionerken pointed out, even if you manage to do all of this and are good enough, you're only going to have a CHANCE at going pro, it's not a guarantee.

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I am rather shy and I wanna improve my social skills on my Stream to be more welcoming and fun for viewers as I play you have any advice for someone like me?

Literally be yourself. Let your personality run rampant. When I streamed , it was the most relaxing easy going job ever. Also think of your viewers as friends, because thats ultimately what they turn into.

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do you think gaming could still take you anywhere now? or are you still trying to hold on to what you have left of it?

It's risky and involves extreme sacrifice that most people wouldn't be ready to give up. I can delve into detail if you want , but I'd rather not. Just know that you won't be happy for a long time . I hit one of the lowest points of my life as a result of chasing the dream. It's risky so I'm not sure , but for those that are the best at what they do there is a future.

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How confident are you going into a Bo5 with Dignitas? In my opinion, I think your only disadvantage is Chunky vs. Gamsu, but everyone else is on par or better. Whatchu think?

I don't think we have a disadvantage. The only way we will lose these games is if we choke on stage. I know for a fact that when we're playing at our best, we are an unstoppable team. We'll just have to wait and see :)

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