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Unnie boleh tak tlong senaraikan umurexo korea dgn malaysia? Please!

Xiumin = 24 (korea) 23 (Malaysia)
Luhan = 24 (korea) 23 (Malaysia)
Kris = 24 (korea) 23 (Malaysia)
Lay = 23 (korea) 22 (Malaysia)
Chen = 22 (korea) 21 (Malaysia)
Tao = 21 (Korea) 20 (Malaysia)
Suho = 23 (korea) 22 (Malaysia)
Chanyeol = 22 (korea) 21 (Malaysia)
D.o = 21 (Korea) 20 (Malaysia)
Baekhyun = 22 (Korea) 21 (Malaysia)
Kai = 20 (Korea) 19 (Malaysia)
Sehun = 20 (Korea) 19 (Malaysia)

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Kau tAU TAK miNaT kPOp nI BeRDosA? kAU ni TakSuB gILER kaN ngAN kpop? Wehh PE yG kAU daPaT? Kau dApAT doSA lAH. seDAR lAH wEhh..HaisHHh

keyboard rosak eh ?

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Yehet tu pebende? Explain to me pls >.<

yehet itu sebenarnya wujud dlm exo's showtime
act yeah not yehet disebabkan Sehun ada pelat T itu smapai jadi yehet tuh :)

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Hi, i 'm directioner im starting to love exo becoz i fell in love with one if them. He looks like idk his name but my frens said he is ching chong i mean chinese sorry :3 he looks really mainly . Idk his name. Actually im starting to love exo slowly. Can u link down all of their songs? Tq ^^

Luhan :)
"What Is Love"
"Two Moons" (featuring Key of SHINee)
"XOXO (Kisses & Hugs)"
"Baby, Don't Cry"
"Black Pearl"
"Don't Go"
"Let Out The Beast"
"Heart Attack"
"Peter Pan"
"My Lady"
"12월의 기적 (Miracles in December)"
"Christmas Day
"The Star
"My Turn To Cry""첫 눈 (The First Snow)"
all from first album until now

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hyee.. you download lagu overdose exo k and exo m kat mana? and more thing? can you list semua lagu dalam 2nd mini album exo.. thanks :))

you can download at 4shared
Overdose track list
1. Overdose
2.. Moonlight
3. Thunder ⚡
4. Run
5. Love Love Love ❤
6. Overdose (EXO ver.)

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