Ask @DArtsyDook:

For how long have you been drawing? Do you have art education?

I started to draw when I was approximately 8 years old. At that time I drew paper toys for myself and for my friends. During high school, I already thought about the artistic career. Began to draw digitally in 2003. That was via A5 Genius tablet. The first Software to learn was Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia Flash (Adobe Animate).
In 2005 I graduated from Moscow Animation cinematography сollege №333 (RF).

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What technique do you use to paint/draw?

When I began to draw digitally it was in Macromedia Flash (vector software for animators). There the best way was to work with large gradients towards details. Now I'm working in Adobe Photoshop (CC) mainly. My work plan is similar to many other CG artisits > sketch (I do digitally), clean-up and lineart (ink or pencil), color zones on separate layers, cell-shading, blending and contrasts, details, and amplifying light.

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Can you make a tutorial on my drawing (overpaint)?

Alas, but I do not provide critique or over-paint on other's artwork. My previous experiences were rather negative than positive.
Tutorials only during my streams. I simply have neither time nor interest to design/create tutorials explaining all the same fundamentals that other artists explained so many times before me. Just search what you need to know somewhere like on Pinterest.

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Is there any difference in your social accounts, or you just repost from one?

I try to follow a clear distinction between my social profiles.

- Instagram > my art gallery and only that
- Twitter > backstage life, reposts, RUS-ENG updates.
- Blogger > business blog (but currently in maintenance) with all the professional info in one place
- Artstation > portfolio
- LinkedIn > only business profile and the place for professional feedbacks (no blog there)
- Deviantart > gallery, currently suspended
- Ko-fi > place where you can support me by micro-donations and get access to my Discord server
- Discord server > is where I share and discuss things with my followers, providing perks to supporters
Links are here >

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Can I use your draw/design/character?

In most of the cases, the answer is "No". The rights to most of my drawings belong to other people and non-commissioned artworks often picture my original characters or something personal. I'm strictly against the use of my artworks for commercial purposes by other people without written agreement on this, demonstration of my works in galleries and personal social accounts without reference to the original source (one of my social accounts) or mention my user via @. It's always better if you ask me first before publishing my art somewhere else. Cosplay is allowed, here I have nothing against only if the person does not claim the design idea as it's own and the costume based on my design will not be sold.
I was asked several times whether it is possible to use my picture for embroidery. The answer is: if for only private use then it's a YES, if for selling it in any way then it's a NO.
Can I create my OC based on yours? > What is your problem with your own imagination?

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Which Artist Inspires You?

I don't have idols, either now or in the past. However, I often find talented and inspiring creators and I follow many people on the Internet on different social communities. As primary artists I can't get enough of, I would mention: Phobso, Charlie Bowater, Hiromi Matsuo. But if you want to know more people I follow just find them in "following" on my social accounts like Twitter, Instagram or DeviantArt. I don't even mention Pinterest. Folders on my account there are crammed to the point of obscurity.
Today I discovered one more talent > Enjoy ;)
Also, fashion and some bright types of people are often my source of inspiration.

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