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I Love Everything..... Fire's spreading all around my room..... And that's so bright..... It's hard to breathe..... But that's alright.....

Even It's Great
That's Incredible Fate

What'sup India!?

Tiktok, PUBG Taking Over India Created By Chinese. ???
And Indian Youngsters Are Mad Into These Apps.

I have a dream, to marry a nice guy. a man who doesn't look at another woman, a man who lowers his gaze when he see another girl, a man who loves me as much as I love him, a man who promises to be with me forever. ?❤️

May God Fulfills Your Dream, Requirement,

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Jab Best Friend Ne Hi dhoka De diya To Kya kiya jaye? ?

Blusingsimmy’s Profile PhotoSımmy Motwani
Just Write His/Her Name On Paper Then Burn It. Take That Carbon And Flush Out In Toilet Actually You Will Feel Better.


HimanshuSinghRajput162’s Profile PhotoHimanshu Singh
The Worst Game Ever Available In Both Android & IOS.
It really taking youngsters into baddest time for their future knowledge.
It's just a game we can't be intelligent to play it neither we earn something.
After all it's a game to play we don't need to addicted into it.
Liked by: Muqadas Chaudhary!

Why this all is too boring?

When you get bored yourself it seems like all is too boring.
Just keep confident in you.


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