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I'm simple person, if uhh call me cute, I'll be happy for 4 to 5 days ♥🙃

What About Cutest If I say so then you will be happy for this year at least

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Yeh maturity kahan milte kahan milte hain?

It's Not Available Anywhere It's Within Your Brain Learn Yourself To Use It

Thin girls are more beautiful, right?

Nope Beauty Has Within Soul Not In Outside.. Whoever It's curvy , Fatness,or thin girls

Anything that Money can't buy

Money can buy a position, but not the satisfaction of knowing that your hard work payed off, and that you’ve earned every promotion you’ve gotten.
Money can buy a life of leisure, but it can’t buy purpose, passion, or meaning.
Money can buy someone’s services, but it can’t buy their loyalty.
Money can buy designer clothes and make-up, but it can’t buy inner beauty
Money can buy expensive watches, but it can’t buy time.
Money can buy medicine, but it can’t buy health.
Money can buy adulation but not respect
Money can buy companionship (and sex), but not love.
Money can buy books, but it can’t buy knowledge, wisdom, and experience

Most weird Google searches

germany is in what country
How to have an affair
Why did I get married
How to mend a broken heart
How do I Google something
Am I pregnant? 90,500 monthly searches
How do I get home? 49,500 monthly searches
Are aliens real? 49,500 monthly searches
Does farting burn calories? 49,500 monthly searches
When will I die? 49,500 searches

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You live in PM world I live in AM world we are not the same

You Think You're not same but actually it's definitely same cause you're not extraterrestrial person or alien

Is there anyone who feels like this ya mujhe hi jeene ki icha nhi hai

Frustrated,Broken 💔 That Doesn't Mean You Will Loud Out In Public.
Care Yourself It's Madnesses .


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