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Nicolas Çôlэý D`GeneraL Cee
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Would you like to be famous and for what reason?

Not really a guy all about fame, but that kind of popularity helps with building my music fan base.... Although I am a visionary with plenty ambition, I'm still a simple man underneath it all .

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What makes a person rich?

A positive state of mind and a deep connection with your spiritual side.

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Tinman got a heart, Scarecrow got a brain, Lion got courage...what do you get?

Consciousness ...

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How do you spend most of your time on the Internet?

Youtube, Soundcloud, research .. and a lil Instagram.

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What's your biggest fear?

Dying in vain... or for no good reason. Losing my life without a real purpose hurts to even think of.

THAT .. and being reincarnated into a machine like in the game "Soma" or as something OTHER THAN A HUMAN.

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What color do you wear most frequently?


in terms of tints and tones though ....grey.

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What is the most beautiful place in the world?

the atmosphere.

Being up in the clouds during the daytime, or closer to the stars at nights ..etc

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What's the largest amount of money you've ever lost?

From my recollection ...

not sure though..

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What is your favorite lie?

"I'm not ready for a relationship." or "not looking to be with anyone rn."

I'm actually willing and open to being in a relationship again now, but I use them lie lines when I sense they aren't the one, or to play hard to get or take shxt slow to see if they'll step up to my challenge or move on to a next dude. True determination is a blatant sign of a keeper.

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What was your favorite childhood TV show?

I had so many.... but the first to come to mind is Tom & Jerry

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What song brings back memories from your childhood?

P L E N T Y....

Especially "So Amazing" by Luther Vandross, "September" & "Reasons" by Earth Wind & Fire

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Do you think you've changed in the last year? In what way?

mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

...And I shall forever strive to improve in these aspects.

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What's the coolest thing about your city?

the temperature :)

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Why is a healthy lifestyle so trendy now?

becauz everyone wanna try to live longer....

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Do you like to act spontaneously or plan things? Why?

BOTH !!!


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What junk food could you never give up?

Brownies, Pizza, Rum Cake, Rum Cream

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Who is your Valentine?

bed = bae

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What are you terrible at?

not being myself .

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How will you celebrate your next birthday?

sumn' sexual oriented...

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What fashion brand can you not live without?

Chuck Taylor's Converse

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Best music service? Pandora, Soundcloud or Spotify?

i d k ... but i use soundcloud

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wont be getting any for now...can always buy serge milk right?

I'm an almond milk and soy milk kinda fellow .

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well first u hve to be in Canada :D lol

Lool . Oh wow.

I seeee .

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so i hve 2% milk and breast milk

how do I get my hands on some ?

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lol i actually do..want some?

It depends ...

wha'chu got for me ?

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