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انت شخص متفائل ام متشائم والى اي درجة

fatihalhlimi2’s Profile Photolatifa elhatab
Je suis une personne normal qui peut parfois être optimiste comme pessimiste, tu peux dire "réaliste"

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في هدوء الليل، ما الذي يستنزف تفكيركم؟؟

Thinking , Making decisions, as a CEO

مَا هِىَ عِبْارَتُكْ وحِكمَتك المُفَضْلَة والتي تَضَعها دائِما نُصبَ عَينَيكْ؟

Don't Fear life , you are already born and you will die in anyway, life is too short.

ما هو حلمك

fatihalhlimi2’s Profile Photolatifa elhatab
Un Rêve c'est confidentiel , en général , je souhaite gouverner dans mon domaine et avoir plusieurs pays alliés ...
Voyager le monde ... connaitre le pouvoir de l'argent.
Le pouvoir de l'argent c'est pas avoir du materiel , le pouvoir de l'argent c'est d'être libre voyager ou tu veux quand tu veux , beaucoup de gens travaillent chez toi mais ne te connaissent pas... et celui qui vérifie ton passport ne sait pas qui tu es non plus , c'est ça le pouvoir de l'argent.

Are you satisfied with what you have ?

souhail_alami’s Profile PhotoSouhail Alami
Yes , i face issues like anyone , but i thank god for what i have ... everyone experience issues from the homless to the king.

كيف تخلصت من شبح البطالة؟

aliouss’s Profile Photoali ou
Don't wait for opportunity , just create them with time you will get experience , with your experience you can negociate your skills

لا تقترب ما دمت لست أهلا لذلك.

I never talk Religion , Politics , or Sexual orientations, try to Avoid those 3 subject in social media.

ما هو الفرق ما بين المسلم والكافر

ahmedhmrada’s Profile PhotoAhmed
1) Muslim is someone awake connected with god believing in messenger's message who ever they are , and not the Egregore system!
2) An atheist is someone refusing to acknowledge studies

why it's hard to meet girls?

its not hard at all you just have to be ok with yourself and not look after girls , you can be at ease and live your life like it is girl will likes you for who you are.

هل تذكر موعدنا الأول؟؟ تأملت نفسي بالمرآة لساعات و ساعات كما عمري لم أتأمل. كان كل ما يشغل تفكيري أن أبدو في عينيك الأجمل.. فهل كنت الأجمل؟!!

kawtar701’s Profile Photoالكَـوْثَر
No i can't Remember remember you ? who are you exactly ?

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