Ask @DaarkPaladinX:

Since it looks like PONYCAN isn't really into dubs anymore for now, would it surprise you if Yuki Yuna S2 didn't get dubbed either?

Student no.0
It probably would get dubbed since season 1 did get a dub. But other than that, I wouldn't surprised if this doesn't get a dub since there is a chance that the DVD/BD sets didn't sell well for Ponycan USA.
On the other hand, there are rumors of a Kuromukuro dub, as a voice actress's resume kinda spilled the beans about it. I'm not going to tell who the said voice actress is, as there is a chance that it might violate NDA.

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Just a random question. How do you feel about Christians who support LGBT rights and who may happen to be LGBT themselves?

Well, I do acknowledge that there are a few LGBT Christians and there are some Christians who support LGBT rights. That goes for the same for Muslims and Jews. The reason I point out a lot of LGBT folks are usually atheists or socialists is mainly because a lot of major religions in the world hold a negative view towards LGBT folks (especially the Abrahamic religions such as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam). Even Buddhism, one of the most peaceful religions in the world, hold a negative view towards LGBT (although it should be noted that Buddhism has a strong disdain towards ANY forms of sexuality, as Buddhism teaches the idea of humility and avoid worldly desires, including sex).
Overall, I believe that while people do use religious to justify any form of oppressive measures or douchebaggery, true believers of religion should be open and accepting.

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Which show do you think Aniplex will announce a dub for at Anime Expo?

Absolute Zero Now
It's pretty much given that Aldnoah.Zero second season is getting a dub, it's very likely that the Fate Stay Night UBW dub will be union, and Aniplex doesn't do dubbed rereleases. If you ask me, it's either Gunslinger Stratos, Plastic Memories, or Asterik Wars since they are the kind of titles Aniplex would dub next.

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