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What is Black Mass a movie or a serie? I love you so much, youre so pretty and a good actress😍😭


Black Mass is Dakota's new movie :) Here's the IMDb page of the movie

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Why do people call Dakota "coqui" and "Selina Kyle"?

"Coqui" is because Melanie, her mother, she call her like that ☺ And Selina Kyle is the real name of "catwoman" in Batman and yesterday Kristian Taylor-Wood uploaded a picture of him with Dakota and Jamie calling them "Bruce Wayne" and "Selina Kyle", yk, just to have some fun.

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If you could talk with only one person for the rest of your life, who would it be?

WIth my brother :)

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Do you know how long Jamie and his wife have been together? Not married, together

Lol I don't have idea, you should ask @JDornanLife or another account dedicated to Jamie :)

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