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نظرتكم للحب بهالزمن اللي احنا فيهه؟😴❤ #بامكانكم التفلسف👋

It became something so plain... Somethin that people started trying like trying some brands that they will soon get bored of!
Everybody started sayin "I love u" that it's almost losing it's beauty
I feel so sorry for those ppl, cause their hunger to feel something is making them strip out some fake emotions that are way bigger than them and that they know nothing about
Once they do... Or "IF" they do feel it one day for real .. They will so regret it..

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_sad lines

How I needed you, how I bleed now you're gone
In my dreams I can see you
But I awake so alone..
I know you didn't want to leave....Your heart yearned to stay
But the strength I always loved in you
Finally gave way..
Somehow I knew you would leave me this way, somehow I knew you could never stay
and in the early morning light after a silent peaceful night
you took my heart away...

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أخرج/ي حروف اختنقت داخلك؟ ☄

i watched him jogging in fascination as the sun was shining down on him ...all i kept thinking is that he's a super hero, i'm sure!
as young as i was , i didn't know anything about love except the affection my parents gave me
but i knew one thing...i adored my father
he was my super man , the aura of authority and strength and energy he had ,made me believe it
and maybe i didn't know what a role model is at 6..but it was what i was feeling , cause i still feel it, more and more everyday even though he's gone , that aura of his is still around me..guiding me
So, to my superhero who's no longer with me.. .i wish i didn't grow up cause when i did i realized ur fragile and u get old and weaker each year i flourish , but i guess i didn't wanna see it, i cocooned myself with the idea that ur strong because i loved u...and even though ur not a super man , i'll always think u are in my head ..

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Can there be a friendship after love?

i'm so sorry but does this mean , friends with ex's? cuz if so , then a big fat NO !
and come on, if two ppl are in love and decided to be friends with one another, things are bound to get messy obviously somehow! unless both parties are very mature, which isn't sth common in the country i'm in lol !
#feelings complicate things...

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Pretending to be dumb for the sake of them is something... But having them look down on u thinking they're better is a completely different thing
It hurts af knowing she knows nothing about me
Aren't u supposed to want the ppl u care about to be better than u?
The moral is, Being a lone wolf isn't so bad when ur surround by different creatures.... Cuz the thing is, ur the different one and they're all the same.!

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