Ask @Dan_sws:

What is happiness for you?

I've been lookin at the question for a while.. And it's sad that for a min I couldn't find an answer... That says alot about me
I could say that happiness is the ppl around u who really love u and care and pay attention to the smallest things!!
But.. Happiness also comes from u...! Doing sth u love for urself.. Sth that makes u proud of who u are..! Happiness is curling with a book and being alone at night with a coffee mug and peace... Happiness is music and art... My kind of happiness is way different than most ppl.. I could go on and on.. But I'd like to keep the rest for myself..

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Her hand was on her heart, she stood there pressing on it, hoping the pain would go away soon, tears were streaming down her face, she was silently crying, no sound was made except her whimpers every couple of minutes and her attempts at breathing ... She kept thinking she'd rather feeling nothing.. It's better and easier than this.. Never did she feel as lost as she was right now, she wanted it all to end. But little did she know.. It was only the beginning..
#after mid-night writings...

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What are you longing for right now?

My father's hugs...
Him waking me up in this particular morning because as he says "I should be havin breakfast with them and getttt up ya lazy it's eid"
Well... I deeply regret the days that I slept in and didn't care about havin that breakfast.. ... Fool little me thinking I'm missing out on nothing..
Ur deeply missed.... 💔

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مساحة 🌸

emma "panda"
Her pulse quickened as she gripped the phone tightly to her ear, she had nothing else to say to him, she was sure eveything between them was hopeless and a lost case
But then, with a weak voice he whispered "I see my kids with u, I'm sorry I'm saying this now and it's too early for this but I do"... she held her breath when she heard that and kept repeating it in her head as her lungs burned begging for air and that's when she finally took a deep breath ... And she knew in that moment that she was done
He ruined her for anybody else ❤️

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