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People are so mean to me. I feel like they are after me like ghosts. They scare me it’s getting to the point where I’m losing it in life. Advice!!!

If it's online, simply block them. That simple. If it's in person, don't let them push you around. Talk back to them and let them know that what they are doing is wrong.

I pushed my friends away. Should I go back and apologize? or move on and just be better for it?

It's never too late to apologize. But that doesn't mean they will take you back. If they don't move on.

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Is it bad my boyfriend said he could find someone better then me but he has his heart set on me

Rumple_stillyyy’s Profile PhotoHeyla Patootie
That's such a fucked up thing to say tbh, not sure why he would say it that way

Why girls prefer bad boys to good boys? That’s masochistic

Women don't like bad boys, they just like strong men who know what they want.
Most of the time, good boys might know what they want, but they are so desperate to get it, that they come off as weak. Women don't like weakness, which is why they might gravitate more to "bad boys"

I’ve never had a song affect me this much, but joji’s glimpse of us sends me into a deep depression and I get get it out my damn head. Send help💀

Listen to the version with drums. Brings the depression out even more!

What does stereotypes can often blind people mean?

People can often avoid certain people who are fantastic because of the stereotypes they have of them. That's what it means.

What do u like about sex?

That you're sharing your most intimate self with someone else and that you're having a pleasurable experience together. Nothing in the world is more powerful than that.

Do u want to learn about Islam?

I'm already learning about it. It's interesting but not something I would follow.

How to ask a girl out on tinder in a good non creepy & suspicious way that she feels comfortable?

I usually say, I was planning to visit/try "x place", how about you come with me? You're taking the initiative and youre asking her out in a confident way. Works everytime if they are actually into you. Then just set a date. Give them 2 options. For example, how about Saturday or Sunday". Instead of asking them when they are free, go with dates that are convenient for you. If they can't, set it for another day that is convenient for you.

People are so broken that they judge the beliefs of God because they have no "scientific" proof he exists but theres so many things science can't debunk that has been captured on video such as ghosts. If ghosts exist so does God because he's also supernatural.

IAshleyhearts’s Profile PhotoMil
I believe that a god exists by means of logic, but it's not something that can really be proven. That's where faith comes in. Without it, you can't really say definitively that god exists.

Suis-je la/le seul a ne pas être capable de décrocher de mon ancienne relation amoureuse..? 😔

Non, c normal. Mais c probablement un signe que tu dois faire plus de chose qui te rend heureux.


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