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What are some tips or secrets for aspiring small business owners?

What a great example of a terrific inquiry this is! I would be more than happy to answer this question. Small business owners should focus on the core fundamentals of entrepreneurship for start-ups. The following post should provide you with sufficient comparative metrics to squelch your curiosity. Continue here:

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What are some qualifies an individual as a professional in business management?

This is a great question that I would be happy to provide a comprehensive result for. As recently posted on my WordPress website, a few of the major qualifications for a professional business manager are listed. For more details, please continue to:

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What's in store for marketing in 2016?

Great you asked, because I recently wrote a blog post on it. Almost all of marketing today needs to be focused on digital performance & reach.
Some of the highlights of my article are: Facebook Messenger for Business, Social Media PPC, Podcasts, and more.
You can read the whole thing here:

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Describe your experience in the military.

I was on the U.S. Coast guard starting in 1995 on the Search & Rescue team. In boot camp, I achieved #1 academically in my graduating company. At graduation I received a special award and ribbon to pin to my uniform.
1st Unit: I was stationed out of Seattle. Most memorable time was spending 3 weeks on the Bearing Sea for a Sea Trail. Other awesome places I traveled was Antarctica, Australia, Fiji, and Hawaii.
2nd Unit: Stationed out of Key West, FL. Responsible for Search & Rescue. I was honored as the Weapons and Moral Petty Officer. Most exciting part of that was migrant interdiction, intercepting Cuban migrants trying to smuggled into the U.S.

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How do you feel about current day management techniques?

I go more into depth on business topics on my various blogs. You can read more here:

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If you were to write a book what would it be about?

Funny you'd ask! One of my passions is cooking. I'm currently putting together my own cook book. It's a very rough draft, but i've been making some decent progress!

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What is your favorite past time?

I enjoy college football, cooking, and spending maximum amount of time with family and friends.

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Daniel Millsback is an entrepreneur with diverse experience and specializations including marketing, management, finance, and investing.
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