Ask @DanielTopan:

Who was your first crush? Describe them.

She was my neighbour, her smile would bright up my day. I remember we played at her house running around everywhere. Laughing and joking and watching Disney Channel. One day we decide to kiss because the Disney prince & princesses always kissed in the end. I always loved her but we could never be together because she always treated me as her brother or best friend and now we rarely talk anymore because we have grown apart. The worst thing is she is getting married next year and I dunno if I can go and attend it, it still hurts.

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What would you do if one of your friends hurt you. Maybe by lies, cheat, talk bad, leave you, force you to be something your not, one day your close the next you don't even know each other. Would you still give them a second chance? Or just let he/she go completely?

Under all this pressure, under all this weight I belive we are all diamonds taking shape. Nobody is perfect, so forgive these days real friends are hard to find.

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hallo, ka. kalo di youtube kita pengen pake musik orang lain, tapi kita pengen legal gitu, itu harus nyertain link musik orisinal ? atau harus beli musiknya di itunes baru kita pake jadi soundtrack ? atau harus gimana sih ? aku soalnya mau buat video yang banyak pake musik orang lain gitu. thkyou ka

M K Huda
nga bisa soalnya we don't own the "rights" use free music YouTube provides or pakai berapa detik doang lagu kesukaan kamu.

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