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Any bf?

this girlfriend/boyfriend thingy is not cool fam, you never know what's in your fate, what's going to happen next
the people who're in relationships with the one they know they can't really marry, this question is for you people
will you guys tolerate if your wife/husband starts comparing youu with his/her ex like he/she was better than you and all that? I guess we all know the answer, so guys save your love for your permanent partner

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How to treat the girl you love? Legit answer please..

1. Tell her that she's the most beautiful girl on earth.
2. If she tells you a secret, don't share it with anybody!
3. Make her smile every single you talk, Crack lame jokes or whatever cause you never know what makes her smile.
4. Be honest, Tell her your each and every single thing so that no-one can stab you in the back.
5. Never let a teardrop roll through her cheeks. ( Most important)
6. Never ever break her trust, No matter what the situation is.
7. Give her surprises, they love that like something which makes them feel special like Her > Biryani.
8. Even if you're damn sleepy or anything, Keep talking to her if that makes her happy.
9. Give her the freedom for everything, She's a daughter of someone who's there for you.
10. Never abuse or scold her up, it's not a manly act at all!
11. If she commits a mistake, sort that out rather than fighting or pointing her out.
That's it I guess.

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