Ask @Danny123470:

I just saw the rap good video, and your quite good mate. I'm really impressed. I've been trying to reach the 150%, but have not quite yet. If you have any tips please help me out.

The best advice I can give, is just to keep practising it at normal speed until you can completely nail it, then, eventually start trying to push yourself and gradually increase the speed until you get to where you want to be! Trying to jump straight in to a very fast speed can be pretty frustrating, so just take your time and you'll get there!

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Hi i'm Asian, could you tell me how to sing raps with clearly voice, i could sing raps but only slow raps !! Overwise could you tell me what's your fastest WPM ??

All it takes is a lot of practice! Once you get the song perfected at normal speed (or even a slower speed) then you have a feel for how the song and the syllables flow, and from there you can start working on the speed and work on the delivery of the flow at a faster pace! Hope this helps!

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Hi i'm italian but i love english, and im trying to learn this song, but for me is extremely hard, maybe becouse i'm not native american but italian which is very different, can you give any advise to learn it or other fast rap songs to italian people or from other places?

My best advice would just be to listen to the song over and over, that's what I done! That way you can pick up the pronunciation of words as well as the flow of the song! I hope this helps!

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Which is best song you heard ever?

I can really listen to anything! My all time favourite bands are (in no order); Attila, A Day To Remember, and Emmure. The best song I've ever heard can completely change depending on my mood! I really like the lyrical work through all of the Marshall Mathers LP 2, but I also like letting loose to all of the other bands I listed because their lyrics are just for fun!

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I'm an 11 year old from Ohio,USA born in Detroit (not needed to know but yeah) and I've been making my own raps, and trying to learn Rap God, How did you memorize it and how did you rap it faster than Eminem did. -Sam

Hey Sam, thanks for the question! I had been listening to Rap God from the day it was first released. I just spent as long as I could learning it at normal speed, and one day I tried it 20% faster and felt comfortable with it, so I tried it 50% faster and ended up recording it for fun!

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