Ask @Darbyp03:

What’s the most scared you’ve ever been?

One Time I was with my dad, little brother, and my little sister. And we went up on this mountain because my dad wanted to see a house. And the road up the mountain was so horrible. It was bumpy and it was narrow and I’m scared of heights so I was so scared. But any way we saw the house and it was either keep going or go back the way we came. And we thought it can get any worse so we kept going and it got worse. Until we got to this one part where it was completely impossible to get through, but we couldn’t turn around so we had to go through it and me and my little sister were so scared that my dad made up get out of the car and run up the road a little and my dad and brother got the car through that crap. So any way me and my sister heard a huge loud crash and I thought for sure they had gone over the side. But they were fine, but not the car the car was pretty much wrecked. But yeah I’ve never been so scared in my life I thought I had lost my brother and father.

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i got into an argument with my friend stacy bc she was being rude and i told her i’d fight her. then a girl bella told me (stacy) was pressing charges even tho at one point bella said the same thing to me. i apologized to stacy before told me that she was pressing charges too and she accepted. help

Have you actually even fought her yet, because if not then I don’t think she can just press charges against you because you said you’d fight her. People say that all the time and don’t press charges. She has no evidence and even then it probably wouldn’t stand.

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