Darin the Gryphon

I know you're a gryphon, flying power and all that. But what other ability would you choose to have?

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*wakes up from a long slumber*
If I could have just one other ability-- I would like to be able to directly change someone's thoughts. And I don't just mean simple telepathy, but rather the ability to directly influence someone's way of thinking and encourage them to change their actions. The humans may eventually be persuaded to stop what they do (the enslavement of my kind in particular), but it'll be no easy task and having such an ability would certainly push things along...

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If you had a choice to either feel no fear or feel no pain for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

I don't know-- that's a tough question. I suppose fear, for a world where gryphons and humans can coexist peacefully would be an good one indeed.

Would prefer a rich guy but bad to you or poor and sweet to you ?

Are we talking owners here, because this gryphon doesn't want to be owned. >_>

What’a your (full) name?

Darin Hunter.

I once got shot down by a (last name) "Hunter", so it was only fair that I borrow his last name for legal purposes and the like.

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